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Faith Independant Baptist Church - The Holy BibleFaith Independent Baptist Church continues to be a great work in progress. From its humble beginning to its continuing growth of today, FIBC strives to be a shining example of God’s glory.

Information has been gathered from the church’s historical archives in presenting the following time line from the birth of FIBC to its present.

The Burden for a New Work
In the early fall season of 1977, God had been working in the heart of a couple of men for the need of a newly established independent church in Boyd County, Kentucky. After much prayer and the action of stepping forward in faith, Bro. Tom Keelin and Bro. Amos Smith began to organize a new work.

The Original Location
They talked to Sister Faye Smith of Catlettsburg, Kentucky and all three agreed that Sister Smith’s basement could be used for a meeting place for having services. Now that a location for having services was established, telephone calls and personal visits began.

The First Service
The first service for the new work was on Wednesday night on November 23, 1977 in the basement of Sister Faye Smith in Catlettsburg. There were 37 people in attendance.

Church Establishment
The work was officially established and the first Sunday Service was November 27, 1977.
The official name for the new work became Christ Faith Independent Church.
Brother Amos Smith became the first pastor.

A New Home
Services continued in the basement of Sister Smith and God continued to bless the church.
The need had come for a permanent location for a building. Land was donated on KY Route 3 in Boyd County and was accepted by the fellowship. Brother Sherman and Sister Leta Kirk donated the land and a new building began to rise up from the ground. A basement was built and first service in the new church on Rt. 3, even though in the basement, was September 17, 1978. The congregation continued in working on the upstairs sanctuary. The first service in the “new church” sanctuary was November 11, 1979. Work continued on the sanctuary, classrooms, fellowship hall and church grounds until its final completion in the spring of 1981.

A New Name
The church voted to change the name of the church from Christ Faith Independent Church to Faith Independent Baptist Church in August 1980.

On March 22, 1981, Brother Calvin Evans was invited as the visiting preacher in the dedication of the fellowship and the church building. There was an attendance of 125 people in this dedication service.

History of Leadership
Pastor Amos Smith - Establishment until 1981
Pastor Roger Lavender - 1981-1983
Pastor Wallace Adkins - 1983-1985
Pastor Ernie Daniels - 1985-1987
Pastor Keith Crum - 1987-1990
Pastor Tom Keelin - 1990-2005
Pastor Dan Watts - 2005-2008
Pastor Larry Mullens - 2008-2011
Pastor Tom Keelin - 2011-

New Vision
Pastor Tom Keelin was burdened for a new physical location for the Church. His God given vision became a reality in 1997. Sister Elouise Picklesimer donated land on US Route 60 for the building of a new church building. November 2003, under the leadership of Pastor Tom Keelin, the church voted to sell the property on Route 3 and pursue the building of a new church on US Route 60. The property on Route 3 was sold in January, 2004 and the church packed up and moved to a temporary location in Catlettsburg, KY. The former Catlettsburg Post Office became the temporary meeting place for the church from February 2004 until July 24, 2005. In the meanwhile, a new church building was being constructed on US Route 60 at Summit KY. While being the pastor from 1990 until 2005, many changes occurred at the church. The vision of Pastor Tom Keelin was instrumental in bringing the church to where it is today. From the first “basement” meeting in 1977, new church building on Route 3 in 1978, the name change in 1980 to Faith Independent Baptist Church, to the “post office” church of 2003 to the wonderful facility of today, Pastor Tom Keelin was the man that God used in the accomplishment of HIS purpose. Honor will always be given to Pastor Keelin and his family for the many years of dedication and love that they contributed in Faith Independent Baptist Church.

Vision Fulfilled
July 31, 2005, Faith Independent Baptist Church welcomed everyone to the dedication of the new church building on US Route 60. 175 people were in attendance on this special day.

Faith Independent Baptist Church has truly been and continues to be blessed by God. From its humble beginning in the heart of just a few people in 1977, to what the church has become today has been God sent. However; the future is awaiting for even greater things! Our prayer is the God continues to lead and bless His work. The love and unity at FIBC is unsurpassed by any congregation. A church where Jesus is exalted and the hearts of the people are edified is our continuing prayer. The soul of sinners is our number one concern and burden. As the days that lie ahead will be met with challenges, we at FIBC are confident in faith believing that what God has started, God will complete. Oh, how we love HIM! We invite you to come and be a part of his wonderful and a blessed work!

Faith Independent Baptist Church

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