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Church Covenant

Faith Independant Baptist Church - The Holy BibleAs a member of Faith Independent Baptist Church, I will:

Abide by the Constitution, By-Laws, and Statement of Faith of this church.

Faithfully attend all church services and activities that health, job and family responsibilities will allow.

Faithfully support this church financially by the giving of my tithes and offerings, as the Lord prospers me.

Serve this church by volunteering my time and exercising my spiritual gifts.

Abstain from the use of intoxicating beverages, using or selling illegal drugs nor abuse prescription drugs.

Abstain from all immoral acts as defined by the scriptures.

Support and defend the God ordained institution of marriage to be the joining together of one man and one woman.

Forsake any activity or lifestyle that has the appearance of evil or wrong doing according to the scriptures.

Show true Christian love to my brothers and sisters in Christ at all times.

To be just and honest in my dealings with all people at all times.

Promote unity in this church by avoiding divisive behavior, being slow to take offense and always ready to make reconciliation.

Accept and support the will of this church in all matters and at all times.

Support and defend the “The Right To Life” for unborn children.

I understand my failure to abide by this covenant shall be sufficient grounds for termination of my membership from Faith Independent Baptist Church. The Bible (the Authorized King James Version) shall be the final authority in defining and clarifying all positions and requirements contained in this covenant. This covenant has been read and explained to me and I understand my responsibility to it.

Signed by ___________________________    Date ______________

Witnessed by ________________________ Date ______________

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